What Spawned? 🤔


Bark bark bark


Caught a weather boosted level 33 Buizel and level 32 Krabby


Just now. If I decide to catch it, I will transfer to professor so he will grind it into candy.


Here is @Pokemon 's topic

Just caught a weather boosted Lotad


I got croagunk today


Me too




And Skorupi, they spawned more after holiday event is over




I caught Solrock and Charmander while it was snowing yesterday. Not the type of Pokemon you’d expect to see in the snow.


captured this two days ago


Everything I find at the moment is Spheal, Skorupi, Lileep, Croagunk. And some too common Pokémon as well, of course.


Pidgey and Rattata for like the 1048th time


Haven’t even see a skorupi yet and only one croagunk


This bad IV, but quite rare pokémon has spawned 15 min ago at 50m of my home


Here are the most interesting spawns I had today while it was snowing: Bronzor, Yanma, Skarmory, Treecko, Bulbasaur, shiny Aron and another Abomasnow.


A Buizel popped up down the street today. It’s been rainy.


Yeah it rained yesterday…
But only bugs spawned for me what about you @Mew1


There was no noticeable increase of water type spawn, but caught a Buizel, a Staryu and a Totodile

Caught a 2500CP+ Ursaring with good moves, but it cannot be played in ultra league :sweat_smile:

Also caught second Bronzor


Seel mine are boring