What Spawned? 🤔


3 Growlithe.



They think I was born to Battle…

But I was born to dance!


Aside from what is dropping for everyone due to the Lets Go event, I had a random Chansey pop up tonight.

For some reason, Lunatone has went from Ultra Rare for me to merely Rare or even borderline Uncommon. I had only seen one up until about three weeks ago. I’ve seen 5 since.

Elektrike is now common at work all the sudden, along with a Mareep sighting here and there.


This spawned


I’ve only ever caught 1 Buizel.


I’ve caught four, but two were this week. Maybe they are becoming merely “uncommon” here?




Your luck is spreading to other aspects of the game.


Caught a first ever wild weather boosted Buizel in rainy weather today.


I caught larvitar today.

I shouldn’t have, it was on the way home and I missed the single gym, in which I could have added my pokemon…


I think that is your compensation for not putting your Pokémon to the gym


Buziel Raid, Tauros, Cloyster, Ivysaur, and within five minutes

Edit: if you want Tauros, come to Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, they spawn decently often.


I caught my first Buizel wild today


Just caught this


Bulbasaur again


Remember to evolve @bobbyjack8!!!


My first Chimecho! :star_struck:


I had some crazy spawns today :sunglasses:


A seel…