What Spawned? 🤔


Nope. I evolved him right away.




Pidgey (as always)


Pidgey is relatively uncommon nowadays.


I still see lots of them


A weedle


There’s a Chansey spawn point in my town. This one is with great IV!


I’m flying to you rn. Will it still be there?


It’s long gone :wave:


:clap: :sob:


How much IV?


I don’t use IV calculators only in-game appraisal and it’s simply amazing and wow.


Its a good thing I’m valor otherwise I wouldn’t understand.

@Branebs, the funny part is that you got it a day after the nerf


Yes, but it’s still the best defender when you evolve it. And it doesn’t even matter what I put in the gyms here because nobody plays now. I have Pokemon defending the gyms for more than two weeks. I use Blissey when I go somewhere to keep the gym longer, but she usually gets kicked out the same day unless I feed her berries.


Is it because it is cold?


There was snow here a couple of days ago.
It melted


What are you going to do with the big fat bug?!?
Weeeeeeeedle weedle weedle


It’s actually not very cold here, the temperature is higher than it should be in November.




Eevee and a Pikachu!