What Spawned? 🤔


I live in Lakeland, south of Orlando but east of Tampa.
We do NOT see Tauros, but we get both Heracross (fairly common) and Corsola! Corsola are a bit rare like Goldeen and Magikarp.
I think the Tropic line goes through Oveido, so that’s why we get Corsola but not Tauros. The entire USA should have Tauros, regardless of tropic lines, time zones and what not.

Wingull have shiny form! Green stripe on wings.


Here the most frecuent today were Wurmple… and as the result of a box some Meltan:


It’s good that you have two regionals, other parts of USA have Tauros, Pachirisu, and Corsola


I just have Tauros that spawns by me.




Not far from pachirisu, about 150 km up north from me


The elusive long neck boi



I saw this abit more since event started


I heard you liek mudkipz


I see more rainy Castform and Wingull


Speaking of castform, it is pretty decent In great league


Did a Castform only fight on PvP last night. You had to use 3 different types.



My 1450 CP normal castform has Tackle Energy Ball, kicked all of the team leaders team asses


I dont have one


Castform is a gymleader sweaper. Also good for the great league. Got all forms? Anyone in the Netherlands saw a snow form today?


Nope. Lots of rainy forms though