What Spawned? 🤔



pretty good as well


It got decapitated


Magmar, Magmar, Magmar. And some Stantler, too.


I need magmar


What is this?

[Regional] Dutch Pokémon GO player chat

That’s Bronzor’s evolution, Bronzong! Congrats on seeing one wild.
Bronzor is so rare where i live in Florida. Also we do not see wild Tauros this far south in Florida (between Tampa and Orlando)


I see at least 3-4 Gen IV evolutions a day. But I don’t even catch them. Most of them are weak. But that Bronzor keeps slipping the net.


Wurmple now. Looks all Hoenn for the most part the next 2 weeks.


Magmar nest?


@HylianPaladin, do you see Heracross far south in Florida? I doubt you see Corsola tho :thinking:


I see more Wingull since Hoenn started


Corsola is the southest of Florida and texas


Just caught a mudkip.


I heard you can find both Heracross and Corsola at the South end of Florida


Caught pokedex Drapion in wild today


I was in Jamaica for a week last year and caught 8 Corsola but only 1 Heracross.


Yes, but probably not anymore now the event has started.
Edit: Another one just spawned.


That’s true, spawns change


I know. I couldnt find one during my two week trip to Disney world in april-may 2017. And the only one that spawned was during the layover in newark. It ran :expressionless: