What should Niantic do with rainbow weather? (poll and discussion)


Rainbows bring good luck. Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So there should be something special in the game when rainbow appears. What would you like to happen in the game during rainbow weather?

  • first Pokemon that you encounter and catch becomes lucky
  • higher chances for getting lucky Pokemon when trading
  • you can encounter a special Pokemon carrying a gift and when you catch it you get rewards
  • you can get a special gift that gives you rewards from Poke Stops or Gyms
  • higher chances of encountering shiny Pokemon
  • you get double candy/stardust/xp for every Pokemon you catch
  • something else (write in the comments)

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I would like higher chances of lucky pokemon, not just the first one i encountered.

So for example; i catch a pidgey first, i dont want a lucky pidgey, but if it was random during the entire time of rainbow that would be nice


But you can choose what to catch. There should be an icon indicating rainbow and the screen should appear saying during rainbow weather you can… Then you can choose which Pokemon you want to catch. Maybe you should be able to catch more than one, but only the first Pokemon is guaranteed to become lucky. For others it’s like with shiny Pokemon. So you must catch everything you see to get another lucky Pokemon.


Cool idea!


Thank you @Pokemon! You’re a true friend, always supporting my ideas!


I like this idea! And it’s a good opportunity to make Lucky Pokémon in the wild.


Thank you @Jormdeworm! If Niantic are reading this, I hope they implement it in the game.


You’re not the only one. :grin:


This could very easily be part of an email asking for this :wink:


A Rapidash shits rainbows and you get 50 coins if you have one in your Pokedex.


Pokemon is 2 levels higher than usual.


[scratch that idea - I momentarily forgot that whatever sense of humor there once was relating to the topic went extinct during the '90s]


I am two levels higher???


Every Pokemon spawning on rainbow weather is instead 2 levels higher. A level 5 pokemon is level 7. Raid boss/egg hatch are level 22.


I saw an article on GO Hub that rainbow weather is supposed to be connected with Alolan Pokemon, but that’s not the case right now. If you haven’t seen my poll or haven’t voted yet, feel free to check it out (up there :arrow_up:) and vote.


This topic is stuck with only 19 voters and it deserves much more. Please vote for options you think would be the best to happen during rainbow weather.


What? Nobody likes my idea of getting coins for each Rapidash you have in your Dex?


I like this idea.


I don’t…


I like ANYTHING that gives coins