What should Niantic do with rainbow weather? (poll and discussion)


I don’t have any Pokemon that are from July or August 2016 because the game wasn’t officially available in my country in that period. So, I think we should be able to get guaranteed lucky Pokemon in some other way. Rainbow weather would be perfect for that. Vote on my poll (up there :arrow_up:) if you agree and you haven’t voted yet and write your opinion in the comments.


@Punica, @Necrozmadabest please vote


And @NotanotherKangaskhan


@Pokemon its their choice to vote,not yours!


Sorry, trying to help @Branebs out :sob:


Thank you @Pokemon! Because of your help I have 3 new voters on this poll. Some people didn’t see the poll and some are lazy to vote. I sent this poll to Niantic to see what we want.


I would guess these would not be legendary…


Why not get 1 coin for each Rapidash in your dex every time you encounter a rainbow? 2 for each Shiny Rapidash. People in Hawai’i would get hooked up!


Niantic doesn’t know what to do with rainbow weather and we gave them a bunch of ideas they could use.