What Pokemon do you need the most next cd?


I need

  1. Larvitar (never got shiny)
  2. Mareep (couldn’t play during cd)
  3. Dratini
  4. Charmander
  5. Beldum
  6. Pikachu
  7. Squirtle
  8. Whatever this is lol

And thanks @Mapman42.


Bulbasaur and Eevee.


Tyranitar because I don’t have smack down and I don’t have Good IV Shiny Larvitar
Chikorita because I don’t have Shiny
Cyndaquil because I didn’t play that CD
Beldum because I don’t have Good IV Shiny


Beldum is my TOP priority. Then charmander


Dont got mareep, or chikorita but dont know if i even want them.

Definitely need better iv tyranitar/beldum. Also might as well horde Dratini.

Everything else is w.e

Glad i can actually evolve my perfect beldum, i knew there was a reason i never evolved it. :face_with_monocle:


Mareep and bubasaur (don’t have shiny)


@Pokemon your topic is similar to my poll :handshake:


I will take every one of them! No one gets left behind! :rofl:


I’ll be mostly hunting for shiny Squirtle (got only one without sunglasses).All others I got in a reasonable amount (one for each evolution stage)
But since I only managed to evolve one Smack Down Tyranitar (server issues :persevere:), I will be using my second chance for some more. Some more Meteor Mash Metagross won’t be too bad either.


I need shiny dratini and bulbasaur, because I was unable to play back then. Hopefuly i will get both :slight_smile:


Bulbasaur. Was the worst shiny rate for me.

I also forgot to evolve to get frenzy plant as shiny rate was terrible.


Bulba and Charizard


I’m just going to be focusing on Larvitar and Bellum


Good IV Shiny Dratini or Laritar but most wanted are Shiny Charmaders.


I need shinies for Larvitar, Mareep, Dratini, and the Gen 1 starters.

I need Larvitar candy for my 100% IV Tyranitar though, so they will definitely be first priority. :smiley:


BelDum, I hope
Bellum is Latin for war


In answer and make poll?


I prefer no war at all


But we are always in war it seems, like right now we are


We are at war? With who?