What Pokemon do you need the most next cd?


No one
He just said NATO exists


He said we are in a war right now? Or maybe I just heavily mis-interpreted it


in Afghanistan.
But off topic…


I Wouldn’t mind a shiny Larvitar, a shiny Pikachu and a shiny charmander.


Don’t have shiny larvitar so that, and i’d like more shiny eevees


Just a little nitpick, *Eevee


I only need Belldum and Larvitar, the rest are irrelevant. Dratini isn’t important anymore as there are 3 dragons coming that will be stronger


Tyranitar and Beldum during CD cause they are just that good.
Dragonite after CD. DM isnt really the best choice but it will be a nice chance to get more Dragonites.


Even Ttar isn’t as good with all the new good rock types coming out while Metagross remains the king of steel.

  1. Larvitar
  2. Beldum
  3. Charmander

And 4. If I feel like running to some Dratinis and Eevees for shinies.


Pidgey cause going Malaysia and can’t play much


You probably won’t see pidgey.


I want a Frenzy Plant Venusaur.


I will do 6 Frenzy Plant Venusaur and 6 Blast Burn Charizard.


goodluck, hope this isnt you


Wouldn’t mind at all lol
As long as I get 1 shiny beldum


1 is good
2 is great
3 is enough, to celebrate


I’d totally be fine with that, I need a shiny mareep (and bulba)


I just want four more shiny Tyranitar and 4:05 more Shiny Beldum


This should be closed now