What Pokémon do you have the most candy for?


The only things that spawn near me are Magikarp, so I have this…

Insane right? But I should have far more, after all the Gyarados evolutions I’ve done

Does anyone else have that one Pokémon that they just catch 24/7 like me?


Magicarp got 2894 candy and 1600 on lugia.


How? I have like 500 candy for Murkrow and thats it


Let’s look at it this way: I catch (estimation) 100-200 Pokemon a day. I would say 1/2 Of Them Are Magikarp. That would mean that I get anywhere from 150 to 800 Magikarp candy a day. That’s a lot.


I can’t get anywhere near those Magikarp numbers.
Some of my high ones:
4403_Rhyhorn (I’m Rhyperior ready)

Ekans, Sandshrew, Snuball and Spiarak were all in the 3-4K before spam eloving daily Go Plus catches when I was pushing to reach L40.


sableye, at 1167. i was hunting for shiny sableye a lot and the candy racked up


Murkrow - 4,613 & Kangaskhan - 4,555 would be about my best so far but I do spend a bit powering up my 100%ers.


Wholly crap @beales.com how many Kangaskhan’s have you seen and caught to have that many Candy? My Forum NIc is more fitting for you than me :rofl::rofl:
I thought I was doing ok with those on 712 Candy. I’ve used some taking my 121CP 100% up to 1478CP over a long period of time so the total spend is not noticed as I would look back and go why the hell did I do that on this if done in one go :grinning:

What’s your catch rate like on Murkrow? Mines actually improved to 53.1% from 45% in the last month.


218 Murkrow seen, and 140 catched. 574 candies


85% for Kangaskhan (I actually try as hard as possible to catch those guys & 62% for Murkrow (there’s a guy in Toowoomba who has over 21k Murkrow candy…!). And thanks, didn’t really think the Kangas candy was that much really…


I don’t seem to accumulate candy that much, but I do have 500+ Jynx candies. I hate Jynx now.


Hihihi, I understand you. The first time I see Jynx, I liked it much. But when you see it again, and again, and… there comes a moment that you don’t want to see it again.


And I hadn’t caught a decent one until last week! (Cp 1801)


Hehe, imagine, sometimes you catch a 100% IV the first time, and I have a lot of Mon’s without any above 75.
Let the legendaries apart, I have all of Gen I and II and a lot of Gen III and between all I have 3 100%, a Blissey, a Golduck and a Tentacruel, very impressiv, jiji.
The luck is so bad in it s repart, there are people with a lot of them, and others, like me, without…
But I’m enjoying the game, and thats important, not how good are the mon’s


I have 1161 Eevee candy waiting for Gen 4 to come out. Saved a bunch of 800+ CP Eevee for that to happen.


My only 100% is a Magby! I’ve never cared about IVs though, and you’re right - it’s the Pokémon and enjoyment of catching them that makes the game great.


Before Gen III dropped, Eevees we’re common where I work so I used to be able to stock candies, but now… :sweat:
I guess I’ll stock up on Skitty candy now… :unamused:


Update time:
Geodude now on 6205 and I’ve used a few evolving some monster CP’s caught that went straight to 2500CP Golems
Ryhorn now on 5140


I’m approaching 6,000 Jynx candies. I love Jynx :grin:


Oh my god, in your area have to be more Jynx than flowers…
I have 165 Jynx-Candies, and by all that I love, I have catched all Jynx that have been near me.