What Pokémon do you have the most candy for?


Eevee candy with 321, I never have more than 200 candies of a particular pokemon just because I evolve with lucky eggs every 2-3 weeks or so.


Not as many murkrows…




1010 Mr mime 888 eevee and 800 Magikarp 500 wailmer and have wailiord


Lol u have more magikarp then i caught pokemons




It’s cruel, will I ever learn english properly? With german as mother language, 28 years speaking everyday spanish, and since this forum has started writing in english… I’m in a mess


Than* (sorry😅)

I don’t see the point for correcting persons😶


I try to correct them, when they clearly defend a lie, or when they attack an indefensive person, but not for their grammar knowledge.
But don’t worry, my answer was half a joke, normally I ignore this comments, the other is loosing more points than I.


Ok we just stop correcting grammer
Im neither english


Still grinding those Kangas candies :smile:


And I’m still waiting for the day when I can catch my first… :disappointed_relieved:


It will happen!


strangely enough my highest is Pikachu. The most common ones i spend in evolve-rounds and my nest at home has already been a pikachu nest twice. That with all the specials mini events where pikachu are easy to get results in it having the most candy.


Apart, how do you detect this? Really I have to go monster by monster to find the one with more candies? Or is there any way shorter to know it? Because, only thinking that by any reason next week it changes, because I caught a lot of other types, I would be angry with myself for wasting time …




Safari zone!
Still waiting for tauros, zapdos amd articuno


Still Geodude and number is climbing.


Grammar police are annoying. They need to stay off the Internets.


Tbh I don’t see some corrections here though😶