What level can you start soloing Sharpedo easily?


I am wondering what level you can start soloing Sharpedo easily, I am Level 31 and this is my team for Sharpedo My Machamp has Counter, Close Combat, Hariyama has Counter, Close Combat, Lopunny has Low Kick, Focus Blast, Raikou has Thundershock, Thunder, Victreebel has Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Shiny Jolteon has Volt Switch Thunder.


Note these are not best moveset and lvl 31 pokemon.


Probably 25.


It is really easy…

Definetly easier than cloyster ( t 2)


Do you have any grass or electrics? No jolteon or frenzy plant venasaur? No sceptile?


He is using Jolteon?


Yes, he is, but… wouldn’t he have another?

Sorry if you are a she @iLikeCastform


No, I have bad luck when coming to finding good iv counter pokemon, and the ones that are end up getting a bad moveset, say for all 4 my raichus, they all got brick break as a charged move, and I dont do raids very often, i live in a city around a few gyms but i am 12 and have to go to school


I am a he


Note I changed the shiny jolteon to a higher cp but same moveset jolteon


It’s not really about what level you are, it’s more about what level are your pokemon. All of them are good options, but you need to start powering them up.


Half of em are above 25, machamp is the lowest, i have no tms


Depends on your Pokemon, as @magoose6 has stated, but it should be doable even with these
Change the movesets however, those are awful trash


Here are the scans from my Poke Genie


Those 6 are my whole team


Change the moves for optimal ones


No TMs tho


Cloyster is t2? Not T3?


@iLikeCastform, you don’t have TM so no need to think about changing their movesets, just focusing on powering up the right type of Pokémon

@magoose6 is right, it’s more about level of your Pokémon, Sharpedo has very low defense, you need to power up your Pokémon, especially those fighting type.

@Pokemon is right too, but you also need to power up your grass and electric.

FYI, I solo a Sharpedo with 2 Hariyama, one level 32 and another 34.5, no dodging any move from Sharpedo, more than 90 seconds left when I beat it

Sharpedo is the easiest T3 boss currently given its super low defense, you can definitely give it a shot after you power up your fighting, grass and electric type.


You dont need good IV, you need good level and optimal moveset, check gamepress raid guides, usually they are very detailed and informative