What level can you start soloing Sharpedo easily?


Dont use victebel.

Whats your highest cp mom


Shiny metagross then espeon then aggron


Just use espeon then instead of victeebell


To the Op, I know you have already scanned your pokemon into Poke Genie, but if you’re using android, Calcy IV off google play does all the same stuff as Poke Genie, but it also simulates battles and will recommend what to put in against a boss. Hope this helps.


No? Dont you know how types work


Forgot :joy:


Yup :joy:


Anyhow like anything can beat the shark


But isnt psychic weak to dark, so wouldn’t my espeon be not very effective?


a mistake of mine


@iLikeCastform, please let us know how you do soloing Sharpedo


I soloed it, I finished with the alola exeggutor half hp, didnt even get to victreebel.

The moveset was B/C I think.


You can keep doing it for item rewards


Check out my most recent post @Mew1


Yes, I did read your most recent post before telling you to keep doing it for T3 item rewards, which is better than t1 and t2


I did it with this team up to alola Exeggutor


I think i used a raikou last time i soloed a sharpedo. No contest


Soloed it again, but it had Waterfall Crunch I think. And I got beaten and had to go for my recommend and it apparently recommended Regirock, but I beat her ass. (Sorry for swearing)


Yeah, it’s a pretty easy Lvl. 3 Raid since it is a Glass Cannon Pokemon.


Yeah, it’s the most easiest tier 3 solo for me so far.