What is your lowest, acceptable IV?


I’m a stardust snob. With the exception of Legendaries, I won’t use dust on anything below 95%. lol


I will keep anything over 60
But for special mons I keep them no matter the iv


To level up? 93% with perfect Attack. Nothing less. I can do 98% with perfect HP and Defense though.

Attack that is only 13 is a complete deal breaker. I had to pass over a Raikou and an Electivire for Kyogre Counters for now because of that.


96% IV or higher on all Pokémon non PvP (With an exception of maybe 4-5 with IV 87-93 with 15 attack)

15 Attack min requirement for keeping anything.

Legendary Poke: IVs can be High 80s as long as Attack is 15 always but trash anything with less than 15 (With 2-4 exceptions)

PvP: IVs don’t matter


Use to keep anything 91% or higher, but now keep anything with attack stat of 14 or higher, planning to progress to perfect attack only, then gradually increase the defense stat, then the HP stat.


I don’t normally check IVs, so it doesn’t mean much to me. You like it, you keep it. If not, transfer it.


I usually keep most “simply amazes me” but once in a while I might keep a pokemon with below 80% IV’s, but only with high cp, a couple of examples are my two 70%+ ish vaporeons, and a nidoran with high cp, with 70%+ ivs.


For Common with a high average: 84-86%
For less common (with a low average): 82%
For rares: 70%
For legendary caught between 1-3: 0%
For legendary I have more than 3: 80%
For Shiny’s: 0%

Some commons have generaly a low IV, below 70%. If I have a 84%+ then I transfer them instantly.


Simply Amazes me (like @iLikeCastform)


Changed my opinion a lot on this. For me, it depends on how hard is to find said Pokemon. I evolve and use TMs on anything that’s 70%, 12+ ATK and level 28 or above.

When it comes to powering up:
Legendaries: 91%+ with at least 14 ATK, nothing less. Only exception I’ve made is Groudon because I haven’t caught a 91%+ yet! And I have about 45 caught.
“10K hatches”: 80% with 13 ATK and you’re good to go.
Other things like pokemons to unique 6 challanges (my favorite solo raid), I try not to be too picky and just evolve using my first criteria.