What is your lowest, acceptable IV?


There are no citys where i live…
And you can get unown from event


Now I feel better about having got the 400 for swablu and I’m still collecting them…400 more???lol


I never check IVs unless upon assessment, it says this Pokemon is a wonder! Then I know it is somewhere between 80-100%.


I just keep one pokemon of each kind with the highest IV or much higher CP.
I hate duplicate so I may transfer a 99% when I have an 100% and may keep 5% if it’s the best.


Beldum is relatively common. I find one every other day


For you, yes…


Or if it is simply amazing… :joy:


You’re fortunate. I would say that is more of an exception than a rule and that most people don’t find that particular Pokémon in that frequency. V


I Vs don’t matter much to me I have a team of 96 and above Machamps in a team of like 70 and below and both seem to do pretty good


90%, and 14-15 ATK is mandatory. I don’t care much about gym defenders…I just leave some meta defenders with whatever IVs and not so high CP


This, I tend to only use my stardust on pokemon over 80%


I keep 0% IVs (37), Level 1 (232), and 100% IVs (281). Other than that they wait until the next Evolve Session and then get put into the blender.


how :confused:


You arent saying you have 281 100 IVs I’m seeing something…


I power up 96iv or better for legendaries. Meta pokemon 96iv. For defenders 93iv or better


Depends on the situation tbh, my best Metagross was 13-15-14 so I went with that


I power up the 6 best IV of the best meta relevant pokemon of each type.

When it comes to what I keep, I keep anything 93% and up, however if it is shiny or legendary, then I keep all shinies, 12 best of each legendary and for all others, I will keep the best even if it is not 93%+.


Depends on the type and how bad I need them and how good they are. For CD I evolved a 89% Metagross but in any other case I prefer 91% or higher. For certain gen 1 and gen 2 pokemon that are meta relevant, I prefer 96% or higher. I also don’t power-up anything that doesn’t have 15 attack


Depending on circumstances 93 (at least A14) is the lowest Im comfortable with, exceptions are for CD pokemon (also depends how good they will be in practice), I have Ttars and metagross below 80 but they all have A14/15 and a decent level. At the same time I keep my weather boosted army but just never use my resources on them. That being said if I power up something it usually will be 96-100.