What is your lowest, acceptable IV?


Hello. Pokemons IV’s became for many of us an important thing in the game.
I’m curious what is the lowest pokemons IV’s that is acceptable for you to evolve/power up them? :slight_smile:


I mean, I would power up any dragonite. But I tend to prefer above 80%!


Before I will power up low to mid 80 IV, now it will be more selective & high 80


My personal cap is fairly high. For ultra rare Pokémon it is 91%. For legendary Pokémon it’s 93-96. For most others it is 96 or higher. Generally won’t power up Pokémon without attack (except for defenders).


For me the lowest is 0%. They are so rare, I collect them.
But apart of this special one’s 90%, or everything until I find a better one.


I’ll keep anything if the IV’s are above 84% (for an average pokemon), i keep all legendaries regardless of IV and i keep pokemon if the IV’s are the exact same (like my 4/4/4 Swablu)


Anything that I’m going to use as defenders in a gym or attackers in raids or gym battles has to be 80% or higher. If it’s one I’m just going to keep to complete my Pokédex then it doesn’t matter for me personally what the IV is


Legendary are the rarest


Depends, I would evolve any IV Pokemon but usually only mark as “would power up one day” only the best ones I have

And since I always max them out now, it takes time before I can power up a new mon


If I’m going to power it up, then the moment that I go to evolve I choose the highest IV.
If I’m not going to power it up, then the moment that I go to evolve I choose the highest CP.


What about a 3% IVs Shadow Claw Gengar ? Just did a trade and it didn’t turn lucky lol. My friends tell me to max it out but 3% is awful >.<


I would look at the sims - does it beat Hex Gengar?
And also wait for a potentional Gastly Community Day in October


It’s a legacy move that beats by far a 100% Hex Gengar (even at 0%) ! Gastly’s community day will definitly get Shadow claw move back xD


Not really. I can pursue as many legendary as I want during their release. Pokémon like Beldom or Bagon are less common, there is no mechanism to find and catch them, it’s all luck.




Technically, mew is the rarest because you only get one


For rurals they are…


No? What about Unown? And other rare wild spawns? for a legendary you can just drive to a city, cant do that to get a Beldum


I don’t include unown on my list because they have no meta value and I will never spend dust and candy to power one.


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