What is the weather like in your area?


Snowing, windy and freezing. But Pokemon go just tells it’s cloudy…

Working outside now. It is really nasty. Sharp snow and the wind…


Here in michigan it is gonna be nice and balmy…like high 30s, and then next three days are gonna be sub 10, to freeze all of the rain we are gonna get tonight


Blowing and below freezing. Snow in the forcast for tonight. Unpleasant weather to say the least


Just snowed here. Been a mild winter otherwise.


It is sunny, aroud freezing point. Cold but nice weather. So happy with the snow because I got my snowy castform. But other people probably hated it. Biggest traffic jam ever. 2278km (included are all roads from highways to cityroads) at it’s maximum. That is more than 6 times the route Holwerd to Vaals (366km). The longest route I could find in the Netherlands.


40 C today and expected 45-6 C tomorrow.
No working aircon in either car so not a lot of Pokémon being played the next few day. Take 1-2 Gyms on the way to work. Catch a few things at work. Drive home in stinking hot car in afternoon. Camp under aircon in house.


Damn thats hot


Here about 14 degrees Celcius and blue sky, but today very windy.


It’s 47 C in the suburb I work and 36.9 average in the Factory. The hottest area that cops the afternoon Sun is 39.5. It should reach peak temp for the day anytime in the next 2hrs.
No after work Raiding tonight.


86 degrees Farenheight.



It was still 40 C at Midnight last night before the cool change came in.
Temps are good for Raid sessions on weekend.


You are in summer now, right?


Yeah, those temps in the screen shot will be the lowest for the last 3 weeks. A much welcome cool change.


It sucks our country is only one that still uses Fahrenheit.


Not only Fahrenheit, also inches and feet, right?


Yeah. Our ways we measure stuff sucks. Metric makes so much more sense, but our country is stubborn.


I doubt it will ever change those measurements to metrics


No, they won’t. ‘Cause we’re ‘Murica!