What is the weather like in your area?


This sucks is going to be cold most of the week


The HIGH for me is in the 30s…



It’s gonna be colder in Chicago than Antarctica this week. Brrrr
-60 degrees :astonished:


Around 5°C in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. F in the comments for the Chicagoians, -60°F, brrr is right @Pokemon


I think Chicago and Anchorage, Alaska should switch places



imagethats cold


my area

0* C is the freezing point of water, 100* C is the boiling point of water


It’s cooled down quickly as it was 39 degree C at 3pm when I left for work.
Saturday is ugly for Raiding. Need to do the early morning 6am to 10-11am than shelter for the arvo and recharge devices before going out again from 7-10pm hoping it cools down.


Sunny, sometimes parcial covered and rainny. Usually windy and hardly ever Fog or Snow.


There should be a Global temperature scale. Celsius or Kelvin


Celsius makes the most sense but ‘Murica is stubborn.


-15 for me is the low


Oh man, I’ve never seen snow. Must be awesome. São Paulo is like a mexican London: when it isn’t sunny or cloudy, it’s rainy. Now it’s summer down here, and the climate floats between a 30C morning, to a 23C rainy afternoon.
I think I’ve seen Windy Weather 2 times since the weather feature went live.


I’ve never seen foggy or snowy weather in game, or snow in real life also.


Ive played in frederick!!!


Dang…you need to come to michigan


Snowing for me rn