What do you think about the 16-bit Pokemon?


What do you think about the 16-bit Pokemon? (I think they look really good)


I want an option for the old pictures and the bit-sprites. Personally I don’t like it.


I would like to see them … never again.


I love them! Very nostalgic for me. My girlfriend though, hates them haha.


If I wanted antique graphics I would play games on my Apple II or Atari. They look awful and you can’t see what they are half the time. April fool is over - put it back to normal.


I don’t like them at all, with @Jormdeworm, @bagguille, and @BessieDoctorCar


Im not bothered by it at all. It’s nice seeing an old gen style. Kinda reminds me of minecraft.


Overal I prefer the more “modern” variants, which hopefully return tomorrow. It’s just the Snorlax that is actually cute, laying on its back with its paws on its belly. Regular Pokemon Go icon should be update to show that very same pose!


i honestly enjoy it, yet i can feel the pains of others and the shocking of those who dislike it or didnt grow up with a gameboy, but just like anything a win win solution is to have option to turn it off and on.


Gen1ers unite. I believe the newer gen trainers are like “what the ****” since they never even seen it before.


It’s official!

  • Retro 16-bit sprites
  • Normal sprites

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EDIT: I do like snorlax and sentret better this way though


You need a “im not bothered switch between the two” Option.

  • 16- bit sprites
  • Normal sprites
  • Don’t care either way

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i think it very excisting to see players at pokemon go that all from diffrent generations, old ,grown ups, kids, if we have ability to turn the 16 bit on and off we pleaseing everyone, and like you say we uniting all generations of age trainers for me even to play even if i am adult with my mother and grandmother toghter it like uniteing all ages toghter, therefor pokemon earn the title in my opinion of an “eternal game”.


Was ok for 5 mins of nostalgia but for boring quick and just look horrible.


I think you should be able to choose weather you see 8 bit graphics or the original Pokémon go ones


Not impressed.
It’s made cleaning the bag more of an effort not transferring the wrong thing.


The effort to go through my bag requires too much concentration just to tell what the F the critters are, and some things just don’t show (like the ‘event’ versions of Pikachu, for example, look virtually the same as the normal ones).

Unless there is a critical performance or security issue with using the higher-resolution sprites, PLEASE end this bad April Fool’s joke at once – or at least give each user the option of which to use…


I grew up on Game Boy. I outgrew it decades ago, though; and I’ll be damned if I’m going BACK to it.


Is it that hard to see…it’s not even black and white it’s colored. I don’t understand you go to recents and get rid of those. I transfer with ease and care free.