What do you think about the 16-bit Pokemon?


What a cute dog is Granbull now🤓


give him a treat


i saw a screeny at my whats up raid team with houndor at raid i close and opened my eyes to see i am not imagining, but seems it real there is some areas in the world like where i am at houndor and houndoom and snubull and grandbull are so many, i just capture and transfer them without look at iv, since they so common, here see them at raid cause me to laugh ,altough i am aware at some parts of the world they rare.


Considering how much I whined about the low-resolution renderings, it would seem incumbent on me to express my appreciation for (or at least to acknowledge) the high-resolution renderings being restored. And after a week of crude scribbles, these seem to look even better than before. I was really glad to see the April Fools joke come to an end a few days ago.