What did I miss?


What did I miss - there could also be a spraying event


Did you do them the wrong way round

Nearby List Challenge
Pokemon capture calendar challenge!

You know, the titel of a post is supposed to be short and then type the story in the post. Not the other way arround :sweat_smile:


Sorry, somebody can really say that I did the wrong way, but maybe I’m not sure


okay thank you for future reference I like the forum and I think pokemon is going to be a good game


Today was Squirtle CD. That’s why you saw a lot of Squirtles.


ok thank you very much, is a cool pokemon, i also caught a wrong color one. What is that which I developed and it had the wrong color. I reported the error to niantic




I heard that many people receive the mistake, it’s not dangerous and some people call shiny hunter and try to find the broken pokemon that is rare. I hope Niantic makes it right right because it’s really annoying and you can not even pass the mass and it’s really annoying.


Those ‘wrong color’ Squirtles are shinies. People are collecting them. It’s no error or something, it’s something in the game. They are extremely rare to catch.

You can always transfer them if you don’t want them.

@MEME is just a meme😂


it’s annoying because my friend caught seven of them and thought they would kill his account and then he took out all his pokemon only if it’s annoying how annyoing I will have to tell my friend about the shiny pokemon that exists. He also said he had a gold magic pot but then someone stole his google account and he could not get pokemon more


how do you not know about shinys? You have replied on earlier community day topics… Also you posted here the past few weeks… Why be active here if you didnt play for a year?



Don’t worry @MEME. They aren’t dangerous, aren’t hackers, the shinies can’t kill an account.


okay well i know shinies are ok now somebody can remove it if they want to


Shinies are collectable items. I got a few. If you want to, you can start collecting them either.


It will be nice, I’m going to ask everyone in my community for all their shinies because shinies are cool, every pokemon has a shine or is it just spitting and magically sharp


It seems almost certain


@Jormdeworm I had the same reaction until I saw his name. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


OMG, WRONG COLOR… why would you even report that. It’s not a wrong color. It’s called a shiny. Ever heard of that word?