What are the best moves for Smeargle? 🤔


I was thinking…
Is there a 100% best move set for Smeargle?


Never thought about this


Cant really see it being useful for anything to worry about best moves.


I was going to criticize this for being a waste of time, until I realized that nothing about the game is exactly a productive use of time. So what, indeed? Would some kind of mixed Dark / Fairy move set be most fitting?


I think it was said in the database that its strongest move is Tackle and Struggle so I was really trying to photobomb my caterpie and wurmple :joy:


Its his only moveset
The best would be Steel Wing + Hydro Cannon (?)


No, because tackle struggle get STAB while sw/hc dont


Struggle is garbage
But Tackle does beat Steel Wing


Now someone is gonna try to beat Magikarp with a single Smeargle (is it possible?)


I can do it


Yeah but with Magikarp moves!!!
My mom has a Smeargle with Magikarp moves lol XD


Not using smeargle is the best strategy


I’m going to leave all my extra Smeargles in gyms


That’s pretty lame, putting in low CP Pokémon hurts every player trying to get gold in a gym both from your team and others.


Smeargle has only one job to do. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: His best move would be Photobomb.


Might as well put them to use before transferring them. Most of the gyms around here are such high traffic, it doesn’t matter what you put in. If someone wants it bad enough, it will get taken. I only put high CP monsters in gyms that I’m not gold at yet, or I’m trying to defend for my team.


I disagree on this. The rate of decay on big CP Pokémon is that quick they are just as quick & easy if not quicker to remove from Gyms than putting low CP junk in after a couple of hours.
Even at near full CP there’s no Gym that can’t be taken down, even by not very strong players.
The stat rework killed off the few great defenders that stopped lower levels.
The only reason for putting decent Pokémon in Gyms is to throw Berries at for bonus Candy.


I’m encouraging my local new players to take the gyms I take. Not by intimidating them with Blisseys where they won’t bother. I want the turnover. Keeps the game interesting.


Min CP Blissey is still around 200CP above maxed out Smeargle if Im not mistaken though


I never said it had to be a 2700 CP blissey I just said it hurts everyone to but an incredibly low CP pokemon in the gym. A 900-1200 cp pokemon is just as easy to take down as a 300-400 CP one, still have slow CP decay. Additionally at least some gym XP goes to the attacker and is slightly more likely to keep lazy folks from attacking if any of your team members are who may actually want to keep a gym bannered for a period of time.