What are the best moves for Smeargle? 🤔


I don’t really think into it that much. I go through the Pokedex and get rid of weakest monsters and keep 2 strongest. Right now I’m killing weakest Yanmas.


Sometimes my ability to attract other pokemon to help defend a gym I just took seems to be like a marketing problem, and it seems like I get more interest by putting an unusual mon in first. (I think the fastest I saw my 1 defender get 5 strong helpers was the time I put in a 10 CP Pidgey.)


Most of the time I’m driving so I just throw whatever I click on the fastest


When this game was released, a whole bunch of guardian angels must have started racking up some serious overtime for guys like us… Try if you can to be safe and use good sense.

And if you’re fresh out of sense, I think I heard HEB advertising discounts on bulk packs of it this weekend. (Or maybe they were saying we could save dollars and cents, not save dollars on sense?)


It blows my mind that you know what HEB is


Doesn/t anybody who’s ever lived in Texas (or even been to Texas) know about HEB?


I forgot that’s right you said you used to live here


and may I know what’s that HEB thing is? :smile:


It’s the dominant grocery chain in Texas.


Yep the. slogan is nobody does more than my HEB lol


HEB is also a Dutch word that translates to GOT :joy:


What that’s cool next time I need something I’m going to tell my wife to go to the GOT and get it lol