What and How Much is your PoGo Machine


What is your mobile phone brand and model used in playing Pokemon Go? and how much does it cost you?


Xiaomi Max 3; 240€; with 7’’ screen


Sony Xperia Z5. I’m going to buy Sony Xperia 1 soon. It’s not available in my country yet.


OnePlus 6 8GB/128GB version


Oh, I don’t added: this phone let you play with two accounts at the same time


Samsung Galaxy S10.
Previous one was a Galaxy S6. Great phone but after ~4 years it started to get to slow to decently play.


iPhone 5s but I’ll probably change soon as it’s starting to get really bad.


I have an iPhone SE I got back in 2016 just to start playing game. Phone was free, but have no idea what wife pays per month.


iPhone 8 Plus. Totalling around 800 dollars originally, I’m paying it off in installments through my carrier, T-Mobile. Almost paid off and going well so far.


huh? :exploding_head::man_shrugging::grey_question::question:


Nokia brick phone, 1945.


The one phone you can trow in your windows and use that phone to call the insurance… :rofl:


Yeah, you can split the memory in two parts and run the same app in both parts with different parameters.


Instead of using a pokeball, I just throw the phone at them.


S10+, a bit under $800, couldnt be happier


Xiaomi Mi Max 2 can do the same as well.


For me it’s iPhone 6s.
It’s supplied by work as part of my job and work pays for all calls and data usage.


That’s a damn good phone


I’m using a Galaxy S8 64GB cost $150 Thanks to the magic of incorrect pricing


Do you know if Xiaomi work well in the United States on Verizon? I was looking at Chinese phones hoping to buy one but couldn’t find definitive answers & didn’t want to risk wasting a few hundred dollars.