What and How Much is your PoGo Machine


Samsung Galaxy J3. Budget priced phone, but stellar results when it comes to Pokemon Go. That common problem with battery life? Not with this lil fella. Phone running hot after extended play? Nope. Cool as a cucumber. The only bummer is not being able to take the extra-neat snapshots. Overall, though $100 phone well worth it!


OnePlus 6, paid about 650€ for it when it came out (> a year ago). It’s a great all-round phone. Camera is OK, PoGo performance is great, and after getting used to it, I just love the notch display.

I still have my old Nexus 5 as a backup phone and it also runs PoGo quite well despite its age (6 years), I only changed its battery some weeks ago just to be sure it remains usable… At least until Niantic decides to stop supporting its Android version (6, Marshmallow)


Really no idea, I live in europe