[WEEK #2] Share your rare and funny catches



Share the rarest and funniest catches this week!

Here’s something to get us started, caught this gem near the local cemetery around ~22:00 a few days ago.


I got this rare one (hardly ever see it over here):


Here’s one for all the people here who knows about the “Fetty Wap” 1738 stuff… lolol


How the hell do you people find these monsters :frowning:


What about this one on my daughter’s account today:



Wow! Congrats! I hope to post one very soon as well.


Not spectacular but 100% IV .


Figures… I walked a grimer over 100km and evolved my pokedex muk. Figured I’d never get a decent grimer or hatch one. 1 month later I hatch this…


Caught my first Jinx in the wild today. My oldest daughter was with me and I told her the Pokemon I just caught looked like her mom.


Wild 1807 CP Snorlax catch today and a huge wild Magmar (80% IV) catch!




Some look luck for once…


On June 11, I went into New York City to see what the spawns were like. It was by far the craziest day of Pokemon GO I have ever experienced


I’m seeing more fire types than I am ice type… anyone else seeing more of one type??


I think that is normal because there are more fire pokémon. And especcialy ‘common’ fire pokémon compared to ‘common’ ice pokémon.


Yeah, I got my fire badge a long time ago. I’m still pretty far away from getting my ice badge.


They are calling shellder, seel ice types, plus Sneasel, piloswine, swinub, Cloyster, dewgong and Lapras.

I see ice types more often the fire so I recognize the fire types more but I think they have a similar distribution when you include steel and shellder.


Noone is actually missing Slugmas?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Found this guy at Sam’s Club tonight. First high IV Charizard I’ve caught in the wild.