Ultra friend status


103 Ultra Friends. Going to be crazy XP when they start changing to Best Friends.


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Hey question I’m new on this forum and I can’t figure out how to post something on here ?? :slightly_smiling_face:


You just did?


Congrats on your first post! :rofl::joy:


Team rocket is here


No I did this as a reply to yours


? :thinking:


Lost in translation? :grin:


Oh, look.


Scroll down and click on the reply button on the bottom. That’s it.


He or She didn’t know how to post, not create a reply on the forum.


Yes exactly I can reply to things but not make my own post


Give likes and become a regular don’t know


No, replying to the topic is a normal post


I guess she/he is referring to "Creating her/his own topic…

@amerlyn I cannot also remember how I manage to have been granted permission to have my very first topic created but you can try interacting with @discobot first, and follow it’s interactive discussions, you could also earn some badges in the process.

You could also explore the Community Guidelines here…

Regarding creating your own topic, if from the home page GO Hub Home Page, there’s a NEW TOPIC button with a + sign in the top right hand corner. You can click that, then a pop up window will appear in the lower left hand corner, where you will type your content. Just remember to select a proper Categories for your intended post where it could be place appropriately.


@amerlyn, do you see the “new topic” button at your “homepage” where you can see all the latest topic/post people here reply to?


Yess thank you !!!


Good to hear that… Enjoy!