Friendship status


Just got my first ultra friend aka @Pokemon


Just got my first Ultra Friend aka @5GodLink


The 50,000 xp is nice, as well as knowing that soon you will receive xp and stardust from gifts.


Would like to thank Go Hub for connecting all us trainers.


Wait, 50.000xp? Thats a damn lot, I have 36 friends almost at ultra friend level xD omg now I am hyped
I guess I can use a lucky egg when I redeem all the last gifts and double that xp!


Yup a nice 50K


And a beautiful 100k for best friends…


Pretty soon I’ll be ultra friends with @ahirunopekkle. Then @KingQ07 , @Jormdeworm, @Robdebobrob , and @Thorend.


I got 1 ultra Friend


Yay, only 13 ultra friends away from level 40. :laughing: Had 4 level ups today. 400.000 XP with one lucky egg.


I’m still 6 days away from Ultra Friend status with my own son. He forgets to play some days.:disappointed:


I got 2 ultra friends today and I’ll have 2 more tomorrow. And more to come. I’ll be hitting level 40 way faster than I ever anticipated. A little less then 2M to go. :smiley:


Got 100K xp last night.

Pro tip: Try to use lucky egg before sending gift.


@5GodLink Lol you knew when I was going to accept your gift???


No, but i had another ultra friend


Then why didnt you get 200,000 xp? 2 ultra friends, 50,000 each , times 2 = 200,000


50,000 and 50,000 is 200,000?


i dont have lucky eggs❗️


i did say i didnt have or even use…


Yes in the same second