Friendship status


And another problem… anybody remembers the friendship-code you introduced time ago? I mention it, because if you delete a friend with certain friendshiplevel, you can introduce him again only with his code…
I don’t have a list outside the app with this codes, so I wouldn’t be able to restablish them.


Why? Could you just PM the person with your code?

And you can send requests to everyone in the group.


PM? Only if they are here in Hub. I have friends which never read this website.


Thought you meant you wanted to add friends to the people in the group…

got it though.


You have 200 friends (no space anymore).
Player A offers to you to make rapid XP (10.000 in 7 days)
You have to delete a Player B to make space.
Once the XP is earned with player A, you want to restablish the friendship with Player B,
so you can go on to reach friendship level 4.

This works only, if you have the code of Player B appointed in some place.


You only have 15 friends though, would you ever want 200? It takes a ton of management for me to do 50.


Come on, I told it’s not a real actual problem (lesser for me).

But if you read the forum, there are a lot of players here with so many friends.
Maybe they’re not really aware, nor they will put importance now, but I see them crying when the time comes.


I see, you put your code in the megathread, but those people never return.
@bagguille also there is a hurricane


@Cup if either of us open gift today we will be Ultra Friends. Go ahead and use Lucky Egg if you want. I’m good. I’ll let you open gift.


@bobbyjack8 I think we will hit best friends next weekends.


@Pokemon. No. Still 54 days of activity away. That will probably be after Christmas.


Got confused :man_facepalming:


Yeah, that is what I hope to level up our friendship every day so that by the time we do raids, we could have more balls and trade with less stardust.


I did it


Cool. Only 60 more days until best friend status.


I got 8 that will be best friends on Community day this month


58 Ultra friends now. Got 1rst Best Friend today also.


Congrats bud


I have 3 best friends in game, it happened for a while.


Just got third