Friendship status




Hi @Cup


Sup buddy


17 ultra Friends




52 ultras atm.

they should really upgrade gift opening. 20 per day is just not enough. Even upping it to 25 would help alot. And it’s not because i want more friends or xp. It just sucks to open 20 and see you still have another 100 unopened. It’s notn fun when people take the time and effort to send gifts and you can’t open them.
#firstworldproblems :smile:


20 gifts opened a day sucks. Usually my other friends open 3-4 I send before I can open 1 of theirs’.


2 best friends
31 ultra friends
7 more ultra friends within the next week
2 new best friends with the next week :grinning:.
Looking forward to all that sweet XP :laughing:


The friends stuff got me to Level 40 about 4 months faster than I thought I would get there.


38 Ultra Friends now. Should be 40 in next couple days.


48 Ultra Friends now.


A question, somebody knows how to act once you reach the fourth friendship status?
Sending more gifts is nearly useless, but what happens if you delete the other player from the list. Do you loose the special treat in exchanging Pokémon, or in the Gyms?


I think if you unfriend them and then refriend them, you still keep same status. I get my first best friend in 6 days. No point in sending gifts after that. Just bonus when raid and gym battle together.


I’ve received the 100.000 XP after reaching the “Friendship without equal”, fourth level.


So just don’t send gifts :smirk:


Thta’s clear, what I want to know if I loose the bonus balls, etc when I delete the friend


Yes, you lose the bonus balls


Ok, thanks. Something to know, because this reduces the friendship-space on a long term.


I would only keep besties I would meet in real life and do raids with (@Mew1, @Brobraam?)


It’s not a real actual problem. I have only 15 friends introduced., but it’s a thinking for the future.
The one where I have reached this level is a real friend, with whom I do walkings nearly every day.
He will stay, without doubt.
But I was thinking about future cases, which will appear every week/month more frecuently.