Troll/fake 100% Pokémon


You ever captured a Pokemon, and you read the following when you appraise a Pokemon?

overall, your is a wonder!

Overall, your <Pokémon> looks like it can really battle with the best of them!

Overall, your <Pokémon> simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!

You get somewhat hyped. Then you read further.

I see that its best attribute is its HP

Its best quality is its HP

Its HP is its strongest feature.

You get a little more excited, and read further.

It is matched equally by its Attack

Its Attack is great, too!

I’m just as impressed with its Attack.

You get pretty hyped, and excited because it looks like your Pokemon has a high iv-percentage.
You decide to read further.

Mystic: It is matched equally by its Defense

Instinct: Its Defense is great, too!

Valor: I’m just as impressed with its Defense

You get really excited, like how we say in Dutch (except it is translated literally) that you are going through the roof. You really think you get the 100% IV Pokemon.

BUT! Then you read this.
Mystic: I am certainly impressed by its stats, I must say.

Instinct: Its stats are really strong! Impressive.

Valor: It’s got excellent stats! How exciting!

Ever experienced that feeling?

Well, this post is where you post your troll 100% Pokemon. I’ll start with mine.


14/14/14 by the way


This happens to me too often :frowning_face:


Heh, my best Articuno


My 14/14/14 Scizor. Almost had an heart attack at the “It’s matched equally by its Defense!” message, then the “I am certainly impressed by its stats” message calmed me down. haha

Little bugger didn’t even have the decency of having Bug type attacks (Steel isn’t of much help in a game where the only Fairy type that matters is Gardevoir).


The worst I’ve had with all 3 was a 11,11,11 Tyranitar. That got sent for Gym Duty and then the Professor when it came home.


I have a dratini. Can’t post the pics tho


One Pinsir for me, 14/14/14 / 93%…


Lol always have that
I have uncluntable of those but no 100iv


I delete them on principle (I don’t really - but I do whinge to the gf who just humors me, that is until she gets one… :joy:)


I have those but I can’t remember which pokemon…


Considering gastly is a Pokemon that troll it’s really funny!:grin::wink: @Brobraam


The latest one would be the level 34 93% growlith, luckily after evolve, it got wide charge


You use your arcanine as a electric Mon???


Yes, wild charge is strong, I might put into gym as well


Uhh. Arcanine doesn’t get stab…


I have FFFB arcanine too


I want one of those soooo bad. Every single one i have has awful movesets. Blast Burn Charizard is really good though, I have 2 but one is good.


We have tons of weather boosted growlith here, just being luck to get that one. I have 2 BB charizard, I use one a lot, the other one is really bb=baby, but shiny bb


Same. My shiny is bb, a baby, and of course a shiny :sweat_smile: My other is 2200 though!