Troll/fake 100% Pokémon


Similar here


13 all around is 87%


Got a “fake” eevee today


Lucky you all my s hinies were bad and my best regular was 84% :joy:. That’s nice though!




No “fake” shiny
My shiny was ~50 iv


All of mine where the worst appraisal except for one that was 200cp :joy::sob:. I haven’t even bothered to IV check them all yet.




14/14/14 :expressionless:


I don’t know exact IVs but I have 2 banette like this (almost 100iv)


Got some feebas today with 13/13/13 or 14/14/14


Absol 14/14/14


Ooh, that’s spoo(f)ky


It’s a fairly common occurrence. It can either be an 87% (13/13/13) or a 93% (14/14/14) so it happens fairly often. I have two Shiny Pokemon that are trolls, although admittedly I used a more adult word to describe it lol.