Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon





Lol awesome


Once was funny, but Flore than twice is annoying. One lesson i have learned myself last ten years :joy:


By the way, to get back on topic, update


Heres my top 12 ( for real this time )

(Great Pokemon i know )


Well, yes, there are better ones. But you have just in this twelve two which I still miss.
No Heracross here, and no way to get the Jinglebell.


Seeing the names, I guess the lowest CP ones wouldve been better


You didnt like my names ? I tought they were pretty good.




Going to start regulating the thread since this is starting to get out of hand. If your post is deleted it’s because it’s off topic, trolling or a response to trolling. Really don’t like doing this but there are plenty of other threads if you want to show off your lowest cp Pokémon.

I also removed the responses to the trolls to clean up the thread. Not trying to micromanage here but the thread was out of hand and needed to be purged of the off topic stuff.





My bad. Just having some fun.


Latest update after november.


Change in the batting line up after MAXing out a 4th Groudon.



Definitely needed to be updated


Mine is the same


: Thought I’d updated this more recently…