Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon




Jealous of that diversity lol



I come around this thread every now and then, particularly when I’m feeling too self-satisfied and need something to put me back in my place… Nice collections there, y’all… snif


If it makes you feel better, my top 12 haven’t changed a lick since my previous post, and like won’t for quite some time. That was 2.5 months ago.


Mine might change once Chomp comes out or I do my Kyogre or Palkia lucky trade


I hear that. Mine won’t change until I either have a great Garchomp to level up or I have occasion to level up my Dialga.


Actually, scratch that, I’ll wait for Garchomp CD, I feel like he might get Dragon Rush


Kind words there, @Arem1771 and @Necrozmadabest. Hope y’all have a very shiny day…


Added the 100% Dragonite to the top collection.

Edit: Apparently ‘Rhyhorn82’ made it to the top twelve, too.




Started playing 7/16/2018 and think I’ve made pretty good progress. Got a lucky 98 15-14-15 IV Dialga that I will max out once i get enough dust.


WoW. You must have played a LOT since then. This looks even better than the stuff i have


By the way; update




Wow same man



Ëxactly the reason why I dont use Slaking


Updated with a maxed Dialga. I have a strong raiding community in my neighborhood so I’m lucky in that respect. Can’t wait for Kyogre and Groudon to return again in the next couple of weeks!


Not upgraded any of my Pokémon currently, I have evolved but not done any upgrades. Not as high CP as others but I’m fairly happy for where I am currently.

Hoping to upgrade some soon once I figure out what path I wanna take with the game.