Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon



This is my top twelve squad at the moment. What’s your top twelve squad? How often do you use them?

I’m just curious


Can’t post screen shot because I’m retarded, but here’s my top 12…

  1. Slaking @ 3928 CP
  2. Tyranitar @ 3301 CP
  3. Dragonite @ 3188 CP
  4. Tyranitar @ 3105 CP
  5. Gyrados @ 2966 CP
  6. Blissey @ 2952 CP
  7. Gyrados @ 2943 CP
  8. Snorlax @ 2899 CP
  9. Snorlax @ 2892 CP
  10. Vaporeon @ 2885 CP
  11. Vaporeon a 2851 CP
  12. Rhydon @ 2847 CP


Here’s my screen shot that I just got taught how to do😜


Wow haha your lowest is a little lower then my highest


5 real dragons, another 2 Pokemon technically being dragons, Snorlax, Mewtwo, ttar, Rhydon and vaporeon. Just turned level 35 so I need to power things up a lot


Nice Mewtwo! Wish I could catch one. I power my Slaking up whenever I catch a slakoth, but not sure what to do with it. Motivation drops too fast in gyms but I guess I can use it before a raid. No point in attacking gyms with it because yawn sucks. Still be nice to have first 4000 CP monster though.


This is my top squad. Ever since I started to focus on high IV Pokémon and spent a bit of stardust my team has improved a lot


^^^We only see your top 9. Not that 10-12 suck because 1-9 are awesome.


Lol “Hydra” the salamence


Nice squad!!!


It looks different in another language, so it stands out among the other Pokémon.


I have got a Godzilla too :joy:


@Carry131 Now I’m going to feel my top twelve is the worst :thinking:



Before community day, more than half of my top 12 was Kyogre, now there’s at least a bit of variety!


Lol if i see this i feel like i have a top 12 full of pidgeys


It really must rain a lot near you to have all those weather boosted Kyogres


I only caught Kyogre twice in 9 attempts. Missed him on the only try when he was weather boosted. Got my 2nd weather boosted Rayquaza yesterday.



Only level 28.