Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon



Yeah, first 20mins when Giratina appeared. So sad I was fast asleep.


Shiny Kyogre!



Update. Back to the normal cp instead of the reworked variant


Most of these Pokémon are maxed out, so I be powerin up dis boy




Cause I do not have anything else to do…


Your Pokémon are definetly not maxed out, thats why


Most? 1st line alone missing around CP1000, Groudon alone around CP1000 short… obviously its not anyone’s business but out of interest why would you prioritize something thats not even represent its full power over something that is the best of its own type through out all the generations to this day?


Dude, I am level 33, not 40


So you will still need tons of dust for those 10 extra power-ups per Pokemon, not a wise idea to blow it on Giratina


And thats the very reason to spend dust with care, so you could blow them all away when you finally be able to max out the right candidates unless you have hundo and are sure that it wont be any better later on. Im not trying to tell you how to play the right way, but trust when I say thats one good piece of an advice dude


Save your dust until event is over. You really won’t need it until PvP is introduced.



Is the shiny ttar good?

Also thats an amazing top 12


I don´t have any rare candy left (except maybe 1?) left


Do some raids. I recently depleted most of my rare candy powering up my 98% Mewtwo. But I built half of it back up during Gengar Raid Day.


@Creepika061116 and I can’t do that many raids.


That is why you can’t power up your Mewtwo to high level yet.


Since I powered up my Mewtwo, it is very enjoyable to use in battle. Amazing how fast it takes other monsters down. Well worth the candy and dust for the entertainment factor.