Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon



Hehe, community day xD


That CD helped a lot of people boost there Ttar collections.


I don’t have that many of them. They are all from community day, and I used all the candies that day. I’ve gotten some more from eggs though


Good collection my dude.



Cp and hp change is live by the way



It messed up every single one of my cp666 but damn I do enjoy looking at these numbers :grin:


You iOS or Fandroid @Kingstony
I updated App today (iOS) and have re-started my device a couple times now and my CP are still the same for my L40 Maxed out.


Yea, I know, mine got reverted back too, but I took screenshot right when it changed :sweat_smile: Im on android btw and always updating from apkmirror, hate to wait until it appears in playstore :grin:


Updated list


Mine is no change since last post.



Just maxed 2 more Mewtwos today to bump up the top 12 :grin::heart_eyes:




Been a while since there’s been any change in my Top 12. Added a couple Mutant Cats to the list.


Latest update


Some changes to my roster. I like using my Mewtwos as bruisers and quick gym take down attackers (along with my Groudon).
Was also lucky enough to be awake for that 15-20min window Mewtwo was able to learn Shadow Ball from TMs again - had to make the change to my 100%er and it’s non gender specific siblings :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:


When was this 20 minute window? :fearful:


If I remember correctly, it’s right after Giratina went live.