To what should I evolve this?


Yeah, since more Pokémon is going live now


I just found out what tdo is


Your list is outdated. Roserade with Grass Knot should do more damage.


Save your 100% Eevee for Sylveon.


Weve just had an image prove that Sylveon is bad while Glaceon almost matches up to the mighty Mamoswine


There is nothing wrong with just waiting to evolve the 100% Eevee for a year or two. At least when Sylveon comes it will be by itself so you don’t have to choose. By then, you might get a few more 100% Eevees.


But if you hold it off for a year or two, you wont have the powerhouse ready in time for many bosses/Pokemon in gyms


Thats without Mamoswines CD move though. If thats a better ICE move it might not even be close.


It cant get much better without completely breaking the move itself however
And even then, its still the second best Ice Pokemon
Sylveon would be third if it launched today, possibly even worse with more fairies


Yep…just didn’t see it in the db…it was part of the new rework



And thats completely wrong in 99% of the cases, Roserade will either fire off 3 GKs / 1SB or 1 GK / 0SB


I will give you $500 worth of VBucks if you transfer that hundo JK


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