To what should I evolve this?


Geomancy is not a damage-inflicting move, and that would be dreadful if they did that to Xerneas. It would make it the worst Legendary yet.


Not if it would generate enough energy
And it cant really get worse than Cress, Regis or Suicune


I doubt they would do that, especially with the backlash it would cause. And yes, it certainly CAN be worse because it’s DPS would sink beneath any of those.


Im going to run the simulations again then later, but Im more than just sure Ive managed to make it work
They wont do that because they lack any sort of creativity, not because of backlash, they will likely just give it two random moves and be done with it


Fair enough. I’m under the theory that they’ll use Take Down or Zen Headbutt, or just one of the two unless something is added later.


@HLAJR, I have 2 100% Eevee, I might wait until Sylveon comes out to decide on its evolution, lol.


Nice two! :grin: Then I might just do it like what will you do… anyway, there’s no need to rush now as any of the available evolution is not that primal for any battling needs and I already have ALL of the
5 current evolution also.


Leafeon is supposed to be really good, I’ll do a dps and tdo calc real quick for u


Currently has third highest dps, and when lvl 40, these will be exact, because yours would be a hundred…lemme do glaceon just fer the heck of it


Thanks! Sorry but what does DPS means?


Damage per second


Here is glaceon…abomosnow is a joke…regice and articuno are beasts in terms oft tdo…I would evolve to which ever one you seem to need most…they are both solid choices

first colum is dps and second colum is tdo


Want me to do sylveon dps tdo for you???

I will


Thanks! and TDO?


Total damage output…the amout of damage a mon does before fainting



Since there is no fairy fast move, its kind of early for this…I suspect we will see our first fast move of that type on ralts cd…but for now…




Yep…pm me if you need anything else


Thank you for your work @Luke, so Sylveon is no. 2 or 3 among its type, like its siblings


I should create a topic where ppl come to me for tdo dps comparisons