To what should I evolve this?


Just hatched a 100% IV Eevee… What is the best Eeveeolution for this?

Eeveelution problem

Espeon and Vaporeon or your best bet would be to save it till the next Evolutions come out


If it were me I would save it but in the end it’s up to you


Thanks! I guess I’ll be like you for this moment and just wait…


In the end bud it don’t matter what anyone says I have an army of vaporeons just cuz that’s my favorite don’t care for any of the other ones so if you want to evolve it go for it



Anyway, I just don’t want to be careless and later blame myself :grin:

Will just research for more info…


Do you know the name trick to evolve them


Yup… And have already used it except one for vaporeon so I could still do that if I will need it.

But I think, the newest would be the most likely to be selected if already implemented in-game.


Well hell dude you have all the Eeveelutions already then you’re pretty set for now there’s not much you need as far as I know I may be wrong and I’m pretty sure someone will post here pretty soon and saying I’m wrong


My Flareon is still named Pyro and the Jolteon Sparky, have not renamed them after evolving :joy:

Guess it helps me to remember though, that the naming trick for vaporeon is the unused one.


Lol that’s true I evolved 3 randomly when I first started and I got one of each so lucky


Espeon is a pretty good Psychic-type if you don’t have an Alakazam or Mewtwo, although I’d hold off until Glaceon is released at least since it’s a good Ice-type, might be able to back up your Weavile or Mamoswine.


I trust him he’s LV 40


Thanks for the tips!

You’re right, better to hold off first, since I have not yet inventoried my pokemons for battle… I am more of a collector type. Only learns bit by bit here in the Hub to be a competitive PoGo player…


The current Eeveelutions are all not the best in their own types. You could wait all the way untill gen 6 for Sylveon. See if that one turns out good.


I’d save it for Glaceon and Leafeon. They’ll be quite decent. Or, you could wait a lot longer for Sylveon.
I’ve also heard that Umbreon is really good on Great League, if you’re a pvp person.


If you are doing mamoswine cd then leafeon
but if you aren’t glaceon


Glaceon and Espeon are the only good eeveelutions
Vaporeon is alright in the gym but not necessary and outmatched by Milotic
Leafeon sucks compared to stuff like Venusaur, Sceptile and Roserade
Umbreon is decent in PvP but thats about it
Sylveon might be alright at best, still beaten by Xerneas, Togekiss and (Mega) Gardevoir
Flareon is also decent but seeing how easy it is to get high IV and/or high level starters on CDs, you are better of not getting him
Jolty isnt too bad either, but struggles when compared to the legendaries, Electivire and the upcomming legends in Gen 5


Xerneas may not be able to do much on a Fairy-type level, because it can’t learn ANY Fairy Type move that would quantify as a Fast Move. Best it can do is Take Down or Zen Headbutt as it currently stands. Togekiss has a hope as long as it gets Fairy Wind–if it becomes a fast move–hopefully.


Its brutal attack still makes it more viable if Im not mistaken, except maybe 4* effective cases
And Geomancy exists, can be a souped-up Yawn