This is quite, too much


It was a 6/6/6 iv
But this is really, to much


Just use Dutch, that might work :stuck_out_tongue:


Try “Spicy” “Weedle” “Mitchell” and the weirdest one of all “Eggs.EXE” all are banned


I couldnt do NIAs*cks…




I think when Niantic changed to the new version of Unity in the latest update it added some new word filters that are restrictive


I save all CP666 Pokémon and I used to call them ‘Devil’ but I think I’ll change it in ‘Devle’ now. :tired_face:

But old Devils are still called ‘Devil’:thinking:


Happend once, but can’t remember what is was :stuck_out_tongue:


Because USA. Its ok to have a school shooting every few months, but godforbid you say a few bad words…


Just checked, here are some of the banned words that you cannot give to you Pokemon:

  • Hell (Hel is allowed)
  • Dumb & Dumbo
  • Devil & D.e.v.i.l (D3VlL is allowed)

Strangely Illuminati is allowed for my Xatu :rofl:


Even ‘Weedle’ isn’t allowed🤦🏻‍♂️
Only on Weedle.


huh, Weedle not allowed but only on Weedle?




"Weed"le. Niantic stop being insane lol


my blissy is called “FoH” all of them are actually.




@Jormdeworm Bob Marley does not aprove :rofl::rofl::rofl:




Trash is also banned but Junk is not :astonished:


Most funny one:
Niantic and NIA are banned xD