This is quite, too much


Bob Marley. Jamaican artust. The Snoopdog of his days.


Dont understand you


Hey, I posted about 666 Pokémons…
1- how many do you have
2- it’s shiny!
3- on the 666 cp Pokémon post there is an eggxecute that is named “deviled eggs”


That’s ok, KQ. Don’t feel obligated to understand everything. I’ve met quite a few people who regret ever learning anything firsthand about that stuff.




Niantic does not want you to forget that Pokemon’s name is sunflora


Just wait until Cofagrigus is a Pokemon, and people trying to change the name back.


I tried it out, Cofagrigus seems to be allowed.


What’s wrong with that word, and i missing something bad


Its actually indeed suprising it does work.


That would be very petty. Its in the middle and hidden.


I agree. But i wouldnt be suprised, looking at previous banned names.


Huh, fascinating. It’s infamous in the core games because if anyone gave a Cofagrigus a nickname, and then attempted to switch it back, they couldn’t because of that term. XD


Using letters like ç, û, ñ, å, ø or ß(the dubbel S, German) do help. Devil is forbidden, but not if written like this: Dèvíl. :grin::yum::crazy_face:


“Cruella De Vil…Cruella De Vil…”