The time travelers Journey ( community race )


Would it disappear and reappear sometimes?


yeah it was hard to time the pictures


Gotta be patient to take pictures at the exact moment


Yeah it was tricky but I got a few good ones




Yep do you got him yet


Not yet, I’m still working on stage 6


The hardest part for me was catch for the grass or psychic type


It will be the same for me, grass is uncommon for me, and I have to rely on Abra for psychic


That’s how it is here for me but most of time you see one Abra about every 4 days


Only because of current Kanto event, I see more Bellsprout and Oddish, otherwise they are relatively rare to me


During none of them times in my town all there ever is is ground and normal-type and few water


Same here but few normal type


this a marathon now not a race. :checkered_flag:


Wow, you are back I guess?


no, just came to see how forum was.


Oh, cool.


@5GodLink, it’s been a while to see your posts here, how many more Mewtwo have you caught?


I quit go, doing something else. Will return when game is updated and the chase is back for me.


What are you doing now