The time travelers Journey ( community race )


Race to Celebi.

complete all tasks. Receive Celebi. First to complete tasks win.

Starts; Aug 20th

All go fest trainers with celebi will race to the “celebi candy”

  • Must show screenshot of task completion

Enjoy trainers


Good luck 5God


Lol @Kevin260709 doesnt school for you start that day?


My kids go back to school on Monday.:smile:


Lol… your kids the same age?


2 years apart


Let’s see who gets it first I’m thinking me right after @5GodLink


Ya @5GodLink will beat us all


Kind of hope not lol


I get it when I get it. No hurry here.


As long as i beat my brother’s I’ll be happy


Ill be happy also if you beat your brothers.


As thanks man now I got to try even harder


I just asked my son if he was going to get Celibi before me and he said he didn’t care.:disappointed:
I thought millienials were bad, but this next generation is even worse.


I am going to school on the tuesday one week later :joy: but i probably Will be slow In conparison to how i did mew. Mew i got in a week time. But when Celebi arrives, i cant Play that much


And for me


I hope you get it @KingQ07




I hope you get it also, didnt you get Mew?


Still on 10 raids for mew. I will be at a sleepaway camp for the first week of Celebi tasks.