The time travelers Journey ( community race )




I got myone this morning.


Still on hatch 9 eggs cant afford supers


I just traded with @mew1 so I am one step closer.


Same here


I’m only at 3/8… the 9 eggs are annoying


Sort of.


I’m surprised I’m still a regular.
Anyway, I have hatched 4/9 eggs so far, so not that far along.


Welcome back!!!


I am already there since Chiko CD but I’m waiting to make a good AR+ Photo.


I would love to see that photo on my ar+ topic lol


actually that is THE reason. :joy:


Congratulations bro


Just got mine today


I still haven’t caught it, but if I want, I can. I’ve done all missions.


Can you let me know if makes you go to AR mode it made me go to AR mode and will not let me go back


@Cup, is Celebi on top of your finger tip? Good picture.


Yep it made me catch it in AR mode will not let me switch to normal mode


How many balls did you throw at it before you catch it?


About 20 miss and 10 hits before I got it it is hard to catch an AR mode you always throw over or Too Short