The most gyms you have been In at once


Now it’s 7.


Woke up with only 1. But I’ll go get some more later this morning.


I’m going to The Hague. Might end up with more then 7. But i’m going there to shop.


back at 12.


Still had 5 when I woke up this morning. Should have 20 at some point today.


Started this morning with 3, lost them all. Then I decided to go and take al gyms in my village. Only the Beach gyms I left. Got 15 gyms.




Been in 20 for last 2 hours.


currently in 10, but could be much higher if I didn’t leave my powerbank home.


Maxed at 20 the last 2 nights on way home from work.
First night I had 3 more Gyms I wanted to hit but couldn’t and last night had to leave one alone.
I really need get the 4 I have in country locations that are Gold back so I have more room to play with.
I’ve got 6 others that were placed in Gyms 2 1/2 weeks ago with 2 that I had to re put back in once that only need between 5-10 days to Gold.
Essentially I’ve only only got 10 Gym slots to play with daily atm of which 3-5 come back during the day.

Make that 5 Gold I need to get back. One just went Gold when I checked on its status.