The most gyms you have been In at once


What is the highest amount of gyms you have been in at one certain moment?


I am in 14 at the moment


Do not laugh, do not cry
Only 4 or 5😂


@Jormdeworm same! Except with my luck they all return on the same day :angry::roll_eyes:


I have been in 20 gyms multiple times


Same here.
For example, I am in a gym for 7 days with like 3 Pokémons, and after the 7 days I cant collect Coins because I already got them from another gym. :joy::joy:I think it’s also funny though.

Or another example: there’s a gym here in my city where they never battle in. It’s always my team. Can’t join it because it’s full. And, when they finally got knocked out, I place a mon in it, and it’s back before I can collect 1 Coin😂
It’s almost funny.


I been in 20. Was soo pointless lol. Was more for reinsurance.

  1. The longest lasted about 40 hours so i was good for 2 days regarding coins…


Probably 10 or so


I usually have about 20 gyms before I go into work. When I come out of work I usually still have about 5-8. I’ll get around 4-7 back on the way home. Then the next morning, I’ll do it all over again. On my days off, I just worry about the ones between home and my kids’ schools. That’s about 8 or 9. I don’t go after more than that on my off days. I also do raids then because I can’t on my work days.


When the Gym system was reworked they put a Max Cap of 20 on it.
I’ve been in the 20 Max a few times now but normal is anywhere between 3 - 12 mostly.
Under the old system the most I was in was 32 and held that many for weeks.


Under the old system, I had trouble keeping 10 to get the 100 max coins.




4 or 5 I think




I was in 3 gyms at one time, @Pokemon is a god!


I think 11 or 12


I reached the maximum 20 gyms once. I defeated my 21st gym and when I wanted to put my Pokemon in, I got the message that I reached the limit of Pokemon in gyms. So the gym was left empty for some lucky guy to take it.




At least you get some gym xp out of defeating the gym