The most gyms you have been In at once


What is the highest amount of gyms you have been in at one certain moment?


I am in 14 at the moment


Do not laugh, do not cry
Only 4 or 5😂


@Jormdeworm same! Except with my luck they all return on the same day :angry::roll_eyes:


I have been in 20 gyms multiple times


Same here.
For example, I am in a gym for 7 days with like 3 Pokémons, and after the 7 days I cant collect Coins because I already got them from another gym. :joy::joy:I think it’s also funny though.

Or another example: there’s a gym here in my city where they never battle in. It’s always my team. Can’t join it because it’s full. And, when they finally got knocked out, I place a mon in it, and it’s back before I can collect 1 Coin😂
It’s almost funny.


I been in 20. Was soo pointless lol. Was more for reinsurance.

  1. The longest lasted about 40 hours so i was good for 2 days regarding coins…


Probably 10 or so


I usually have about 20 gyms before I go into work. When I come out of work I usually still have about 5-8. I’ll get around 4-7 back on the way home. Then the next morning, I’ll do it all over again. On my days off, I just worry about the ones between home and my kids’ schools. That’s about 8 or 9. I don’t go after more than that on my off days. I also do raids then because I can’t on my work days.


When the Gym system was reworked they put a Max Cap of 20 on it.
I’ve been in the 20 Max a few times now but normal is anywhere between 3 - 12 mostly.
Under the old system the most I was in was 32 and held that many for weeks.


Under the old system, I had trouble keeping 10 to get the 100 max coins.