The most gyms you have been In at once


I liked the old system better where you could get more coins for more gyms. Now, you don’t have a motive to defeat many gyms.


After you got the daily 50 coins, the motive is to gain more gym xp on goldening various gyms.
Or if you have way too many healing items, instead of tossing them away, just battle and heal.


Yes, but I still think gyms need another rework. This is getting stale again.


Before another possible rework, try to get more gold gyms in the meantime.


Thanks for the tip.


20 each morning before work


MOST EVER! :heart_eyes:

In Hollywood as you can see :+1:.


I know what you mean by FIVE gyms now, great job @Pokemon


Thank you @Mew1 :sunglasses:.




Here it is not that big of an accomplishment, but in Hollywood. Just WOW :star_struck:


Oh, you know about Hollywood???

I live in a cool area… (but bad for Pokemon GO)


Big, lots of people… :wink:



I knew it was famous


11 some days ago…


highest Number in ages for me


20 for me. I never got anywhere near that under the old system as 90% of gyms back then in my area were always controlled by valor, and I’m instinct. Their gyms were often full which made it difficult to defeat. I was often lucky to get 3 gyms.

In some ways the current gym system is better, in others it is worse.

It was good under the old system that you got your coins once you claimed, but bad that you could only claim once per day.

Under the current system, I find it annoying locally as players often won’t work as a team to get each other their coins for the day, forcing you to spend an hour or 2 a day to get enough gyms to get your 50 coins a day. The group I was in tried reducing turn over of gyms by setting up team chat groups to enable players to communicate with fellow team members when a gym was captured to help get those gyms full rather than people going and knocking out random gyms on their own, this worked initially, but failed once the school holidays hit and the tourists started coming. Instead I’m now working to increase the number of gyms in my town from what was 69, it is now at 82, but working towards 100+ to enable people to battle freely while providing plenty of gyms in quieter areas where people can go if they prefer to only be in 1-3 gyms a day and then ask others at the end of the day to knock them out. This thankfully is starting to work and is reducing competition for gyms in the main part of town to make coins easier to get and reduce the number of gyms people need to be in to get their coins which in turn makes coins even easier to get again as people are able to last longer.

I would like to see a mix between the 2 gym systems where like the original system you get coins per gym up to a daily limit, but rather than have to claim once you have as many as possible, the system would automatically give you coins when you add pokemon to a gym. If 10 coins per gym and 50 coin limit, that means people who just want coins would go for 5 gyms, and others can battle as much as they like. Just like raids, I would like to see rewards introduced for defeating gyms in addition to coins, these might include stardust, revives, rare candy, raid passes etc and give people a means of battling for fun without the cost of passes and without interfering with others trying to get coins.

The coins earned per gym would be based on the number of gyms in a level 12 s2 cell, where there are 5+, it would be 10 coins per gym, where there are 2-4, it would be 25 per gym, where there is 1, it would be 50.


I haven’t been able to get 20 before work the last 2 days. I would get knocked out somewhere before I was done. Finished with 17 yesterday and 18 this morning. Still have 13 of those as of posting.




I think it was 6, in the middle of the night…