[TEAM] Team Valor


Where in FL? Near St. Augustine here


Same stuff (different team) happens here in Australia. In my town we’re plagued by (documented & self professed) Instinct spoofers & botters. But it does mean that we get to battle gyms regularly & there is a healthy turnover of mons & coinage! I’m sure people in some places can say the same about Valor spoofers & botters…


EYYYY it’s ya boy Team Valorous Noob still at level 26! Happy 1st birthday Pokemon Go and thank you for giving us this amazing game!


Team Valor in Oklahoma City has some great organized Raids.


New york always has Blastoise, Charizard, Tyranitar, and Machamp raids


Reppin’ Valor from the Southern US! #VALOR4LYFE


Level 40 Valor upper Manhattan NYC here


Team Valor controls my hometown but I used to enjoy taking down their gyms. Now I let them fester so they don’t get any coins. I have my own set of gyms I play. Most are controlled by my team. I usually have one or two gyms get knocked down but I’ve never missed getting my 50 coins since the changeover. I really wish they’d fix the new system so I could start battling Team Valor everyday again.


Crowley, TX here. Have to go to Fort worth, or Burleson to find a lot of pokestops, but it’s all goos. I really enjoy taking down gyms with my kids.


Level 38 here from Maryland, USA.


@Mapman42 Valor is better than Instinct >😀


Level 31 Team Valor from Slovenia (europe)


Follow your fellow valor Instagram @team_valor_avic


Valor is currently the best team. Keep it up guys!:grinning:


Does anybody think shiny dratini is confirmed? I am a big shiny collector, and yes I have all shinies except absol. But if any of you know it not it would be great


He is confirmed and will be in the game in about 3 hours for the first Community day time in Asia.


Valor > Mystic + Instinct. Lol!


No, Mystic > Valor+Instict


Please do not come on here if you are mystic.


Remember adventure week last year???