[TEAM] Team Valor



Lvl 38 Valor. Alt 1: 25 instinct Alt 2 (fairly new): 24 mystic.

Playing since 8/8/16. Lots…of flipping dudes.


: Hi all, repping Valor from Brisbane in Australia. Good to see fellow players getting it in!


Team Valor here with my Adventure Week attire. Player since Day 1 from Malaysia, Penang. Pleasure to meet all fellow team mates.


Valour indeed! From Middle-East.


Watford, UK here.

Oh you need 30 characters for a reply - sad.


Be proud of your Team


thats me from Germany


Any valor players around the Kansas City area?


Lvl27 valor from Slovakia (europe)
greetings every1 :slight_smile:


Level 32 living in the coast of Ecuador.
I wish you do not encounter spoofer waves taking down your gyms as they do here every week… hopefully Niantic do work on taking down all of them after I send them photographs and notifications. Takes a couple of days but it works!!
Here spawns have greatly improved, but there are almost no pokestops in my town…
I really do not know how raids will work, because it is quite dangerous to play in some times/places here.
Hope they are not too difficult for a couple of players to win them, cannot see how I will join forces with more players here.


Not from KC but I visit there semi frequently.


Living in Denmark. Level 37 and level 31 accounts. Any other team valour trainers here?


Hi! Greetings from Austria! O7


Clutchlito23 here all the way from Philly!

Level 37 :fire:


Team Valor - one of the few in my town… but no regrets. Feel good every time I can manage to turn a gym red. From Bolton, England, UK.


Not to throw hate, but all the Valor peeps in my town are a bunch of gym hogging dudebros :frowning:


@Stegtheman, sorry to hear that, I’m outnumbered here mainly by blue. I went into my town centre today, and the whole place was blue, with just a couple of yellow. Not one red. I have to go a bit further out to find red gyms, and I’ve been known to go out at one in the morning to the gym near my house, to battle it down, because I don’t have a chance otherwise.


Hello from London!!! Who’s excited for Anniversery event?


just joined team valor i have also a team instinct account too


Valor Here ! St. Augustine, FL